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  1. I’m bad at this…

    April 15, 2015 by Daniora


    No, really, you guys have no idea…

    For the first time in the lifespan of this blog, I had a plan. Not only that, but I had a plan I was excited about. February in French was going to be awesome. I was going to tackle all kinds of things that have been on my ‘want to try’ list for ages. I was going to learn some new skills and show off a few I already had. I had an entire month’s worth of projects and posts planned out.

    Yeah, it didn’t quite work out that way.

    I place some blame on the weather. This winter, especially the end, was downright miserable, even to someone raised in the frozen wastes of New England. It’s one of the first times I can say that I truly felt ‘snowed in’.

    Of course, that seems like a perfect opportunity to catch up on things and get some writing done. Or a good time to park myself in front of the tv for some sweet Netflix-driven binge watching. I chose the latter. Not a decision I’m proud of, but it is what it is.

    Worst of all, after missing a couple of my planned posts, instead of catching up or just picking things back up where I’d left off, I just fell off the wagon entirely. Not cool. Not cool at all.

    So, here we are, mid-April. I have no plan, no carefully crafted calendar of posts. And yet, dear reader, here we are again.

    I’ve got a few things on the horizon. I have some production work I want to do. Mold making and resin casting and the like. This will involve dusting off some old skills and picking up a couple new ones. I want to try my hand at live streaming while I work on some sculpture projects. I also have a huge cosplay project I want to do. So, rather than meticulously schedule themed projects, I’m just going to try and just write. Regularly. Some posts are going to be infinitely more interesting than others. Hopefully the good ones will outnumber the dull. Only one way to find out. Onward we go.

    Stick with me, guys. I swear this is going somewhere…

  2. Now that I have your attention…

    January 16, 2015 by Daniora

    Water Dragon

    I know, I know. Using a post about bacon to get your attention was a cheap trick. But hey, it worked.

    So, after being all full of New Year’s enthusiasm, I promptly fell off the wagon for two weeks. But we’re back now, and I wanted to take a few moments to talk about what you can expect here in the future.

    See, up until this point, I have been striving for perfection. A noble goal to be sure. Here’s the thing, though. Perfection is unattainable and exhausting. Every post was based around a project almost exclusively created for the blog. They took up hours of time completing and photographing, followed by an extensive and detailed write up. And when things went wrong, the projects were generally abandoned (with the exception of the orange marmalade).  When I was doing things that were interesting enough to write about, I had no time to write. And when I had the time to write, I had nothing to write about.

    So, I’ll be taking this blog in a little bit of a different direction. Or, at least, going about things in a different way.

    1. Posts will be, on the whole, shorter. But I’ll be happy writing regular shorter posts that sporadically writing massive tomes. And I think you’ll all be happier reading them.
    2. More ‘in progress’ posts. I’ve got a few bigger projects on my list, and so in order to have time to work on them and still make regular posts, I’m going to share my process with you.
    3. I’m trying a bunch of new things. My project list has an increasing number of things that I’ve never tried before. And I’m excited to learn. That means that posts will also probably contain more missteps. Admitting failure is not something I’ve ever been particularly comfortable with, so this’ll be an adventure.
    4. I’ve also got a lot more projects for me coming up. This is kind of a new thing for me too. I usually make lots of stuff for other people and almost nothing for myself. Well, this year I’ve got a lot more ‘selfish’ projects to do. Which, of course, isn’t to say that I won’t be making lots of things to give away.
    5. I’ll be doing some “catch up” posts documenting some of the things that I finished but never got around to writing about. I’ll include some of the in progress photos if I have them available.


    So, that’s the plan. Now you know the plan, and I know the plan, so all that remains is for me to stick to the plan. And if you guys keep reading, I’ll keep writing.