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Space traveller baby quilt

July 11, 2011 by Daniora

It’s time again for another baby quilt!

In spite of appearances, this quilt is actually square.

This one was really special to me for a few reasons.

  1. It’s my first commissioned quilt.
  2. It’s the first quilt that I designed from scratch, without using a pattern.
  3. It’s the first quilt that I’ve ever machine quilted.


Quilt Detail

Close up of one of the corners.

My good friend Erik asked if I could make a baby quilt for a friend of his. He originally wanted a Star Wars themed quilt.  I had thought this would be no problem, until I actually went looking for Star Wars fabric.  For a while after the prequels came out, there were a fair number of different officially licensed fabrics to be found.

Unfortunately, by now they’re long gone.

My only option would have been to use the sheets sold by Potter Barn Kids, and that was entirely cost prohibitive and would only yield one fabric.  With the basic feel in mind, I went off to the fabric store. That’s where I came across the “Marty Goes to Mars” fabric line by Camelot Cottons.


My selection of fabrics.

Because I went into the store with no idea what I was going to wind up making, I really didn’t know how much of each fabric to get. I got some of each of them in varying amounts based mostly on how much I liked them. When I got home, I did check out a few books to see how other quilts handled using a big novelty prints like the ones I had just bought. In the end, I took ideas from a few of them and worked them into my own design.

Design sketch

My initial design sketch.

Quilt Square

One of the squares.

In Progress

The quilt top in progress.

Once the top went together, I was ready to quilt*. All my previous quilts had been hand tied rather than quilted. It’s a somewhat easier technique, but a tied quilt can fall apart with heavier use. For these quilts intended for babies and small children, something a bit hardier is better. I was pretty nervous, especially since this would be my first quilting experience and the quilt was for someone else. In the end, I was really pleasantly surprised with how well it all went. I found a variegated thread in shades of blue to do the quilting in. I mostly stuck to stitching in the seams, but for some of the larger squares, I had to add extra stitches for stability.

Because this was my first machine quilting attempt, I wanted to stick with straight lines.  So, I chose to accent some of the speed lines on the space ship squares and I quilted a large star in the center square. I was really pleased with how it turned out. It felt really well put together and sturdy. The fabrics were adorable and I loved putting them together.

 *For my readers who are not familiar with how a quilt goes together, let me give a brief explanation. A quilt is made up of three layers: the top, the batting (the squishy stuff in the middle) and the back.  You have to secure these layers together at regular intervals or the batting would wind up tearing and become all bunched up in one part of the quilt. There are two different ways to do this. Tying involves making little knots every few inches with embroidery floss.  Quilting is using strong cotton thread to sew lines of very small stitches. These lines can be different distances apart depending on the type of batting used. Quilting can be done either by hand or on a machine.


  1. Erik says:

    It received great reviews by both father and mother of the little bundle of joy.

  2. diane scotti says:

    Nice Job Amy, BRAVO. I have some Star Wars sheets (2 different designs) that were Chris’s. If he ever has a boy I will comission you to make a quilt for him or maybe you could help me to make it. I am not much of a perfectionist and I know quilting needs to be an exact science. keep up the good work. Also I picked up a Medieval costume book for you at the Falmouth Book Fair. Will give it to Chris to give to you , unless you are going to be in the area. <3

    • Daniora says:

      You don’t need to be a perfectionist to quilt! If you ever get the itch, I’d be happy to teach you. There are plenty of tools out there that do the precise science for you and let you concentrate on the fun parts.

      Thank you so much for the book! You’ll have to come to King Richard’s with us some time so I can make a costume for you too!

      • diane scotti says:

        Just wrote a lengthy reply and then it got deleted. Agh!!! In essence. Would love to join you @KRF But check w/C&S. Don’t want to intrude. More the meerier I say but…never know. Would love an awesome costume!! Have aTON of accessories and costmes to donate to costume designer. Hordes in my eves, longing to escape. let me know if you are interested vis FB. I didn’t think you had replied and then realized you had done it thru your Web page.

      • diane scotti says:

        I LOVE KRF I have pics of Chris and Boo and the costumes I made for them when they were little. You will have to run the joining you part by Chris and Sue . I wouldn’t want to intrude but would enjoy the experience so much more being part of the troup. I have hordes of costumes and accessories that I would love to escape my eves and donate to a worthy costume designer. Really neat stuff!!! let me know via FB if you are interested. LOL Here it was, wasn’t lost after all. LOL will send anyway. Gotta run . bye

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