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Planting Potatoes: Part 3

July 13, 2011 by Daniora

I will admit, the potatoes got away from me a bit.

Potatoes Before


We had a few good weeks with the perfect mix of rain and sun and the plants just took off. So the time has come to add my first batch of dirt. For this round, I just added another few inches of soil on top of what was already there. For the next addition, I’ll be folding the top of the grow bag back up.

Potatoes After

All snuggled up in their new layer of dirt.

The plants look great. There’s one that’s fallen behind a bit in height, and I’m kind of hoping he’ll catch up before I add more soil.

The plants look really healthy, so I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to get a good harvest out of this little bag. I’ve been worried about the potential for bugs. Fortunately, I’ve been pretty lucky. There are some little nibbles taken out of the leaves, but no visible pests. Well, except one little slug hanging out on the side of the bag.

Tiny bites

Tiny bites, no pests.


An Unwelcomed Guest

I’m hoping to get the next layer of soil put in the beginning of next week. I probably won’t do a full write up, but I’ll be sure to put up a quick post with a few pictures.

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